You're Clueless and So Am I

I readily admit that there’s plenty that I don't know.  If there’s one thing that I do know, however, its that there’s a lot that you don’t know either, and I am shamelessly banking on that for the success of this blog—and my entire career!

My name is John Veazey, a Louisiana attorney and founder of John Veazey Law. I practice in real estate, business organizations and transactions, estate planning, and disability civil rights. I love everything that I work with. However, for the purposes of this blog, I decided to focus primarily on disability civil rights and related issues because I’m passionate about seeing persons with disabilities honored—in law, in justice, and interpersonally—as human beings created in the image of God. It also helps that I get lots of news in this arena as a deaf attorney, so that means a constant stream of fresh ideas. As the headline suggests, this blog will focus on information about various disability civil rights laws, legislative and jurisprudential updates, and events that persons with disabilities, family, and friends may be interested in. All of this will come with a little Louisiana flavor naturally.

The bottom-line is that I hope to be useful to you and enlighten you as to something that you didn’t know, especially in the political and legal realms. Feel free to have a conversation with me and ask questions. As long as the answer would not constitute legal advice, I will be more than happy to talk. In turn, I hope that you’ll teach me as well. Please feel free to share information and news that I don’t know by commenting or e-mailing me, especially in relation to persons with disabilities beyond deafness. I recognize that much of this blog may be a little tilted towards deafness in particular because of my status as a Deaf person, and I want to counteract that tendency as much as I can. Keep in mind that I may write about what I learn from you, so I’ll be depending on you!

Now for a little fun, tell me something that I don't know!